Back in July 2013, Club 8X6 introduced sexuality to club culture in a way rarely tried in North America. Usually reserved for European cities such as Berlin and London, legal and permanent sex positive venues in Canada or the US are far and few between. The confidence certainly outweighed the risks and Club 8X6 was born.

A space where all sexual identities, orientations and genders feel comfortable to congregate.
Imagine a space that holds naked yoga classes, all genders fetish parties, live entertainment, DJ’s, dancing, fashion shows, drag shows, workshops, sex positive events, fundraisers and community focused and oriented to boot.

Imagine a space that is sex positive for all, free of attitude with a welcoming atmosphere.
We are 8X6 Social Playspace and we want you to play with us.

8X6 is a Private Club but anyone 19+ can join. Your first admission is included in your membership fee.

As the fetish industry continues to grow exponentially, so do the amount of make-shift sex+ venues. As a result, the market has been flooded with amateur and veteran groups trying to make the transition to accommodate the rising demand for adult sex parties. Although the focal point of the night is on sensuality, the venue plays a vital role in the overall pleasure of the experience.
In order to help create the most exceptional experience for you, our DMs will always be within earshot to advise. Club 8X6 also has a dedicated, on site health clinic with qualified RNs that are present at most events ensuring health and wellness facilities and services are accessible to all of our members and guests.
Recently launched, Club 8X6 is still a young establishment. Despite it’s youth, the club has made serious waves on the fetish scene. Landing a coveted Private Club license sets this club apart from the rest. 8X6 is under leadership that has taken Vancouver nightlife to a much broader stage, featuring some impressive groups, societies and workshops hosted by some long standing big hitters and several new comers to the scene.