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Club 8x6 is proud to introduce The Lifestyle District, lifestyle events every Friday and Saturday at Club 8x6 when the club isn't booked by another promoter. That's Right! That means Club 8x6 will be open every Friday and Sat night now, which gives you more chances to come play at your favorite Club with Benefits, Club 8x6!

Tickets are 2 for $30 online, or $20 each at the door.
Want the link for tickets? Please contact bookings@8x6.ca for the link.

*The Lifestyle District events are for couples, and select singles.
Please note we have a gender- ratio- policy in effect for these events where the gender-ratio has to be equal, or where there are more females to males.

* All guest must RSVP before showing up to the event.

Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Imagine a space that is sex positive for all, free of attitude with a welcoming atmosphere. We are 8X6 Social Playspace and we want you to play with us.

Club 8X6 introduced sexuality to club culture in a way rarely tried in North America. Usually reserved for European cities such as Berlin and London, legal and permanent sex positive venues in Canada or the US are far and few between. The confidence certainly outweighed the risks and Club 8X6 was born.


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About Club 8x6


Imagine… A space where all sexual identities, orientations and genders feel comfortable to congregate. Imagine a space that holds naked yoga classes, all genders fetish parties, live entertainment, DJ’s, dancing, fashion shows, drag shows, workshops, sex positive events, fundraisers and community focused and oriented to boot. Imagine a space that is sex positive for all, free of attitude with a welcoming atmosphere. We are 8X6 Social Playspace and we want you to play with us. 8X6 is a Private Club but anyone 19+ can join. Your first admission is included in your membership fee.


As the fetish industry continues to grow exponentially, so do the amount of make-shift sex+ venues. As a result, the market has been flooded with amateur and veteran groups trying to make the transition to accommodate the rising demand for adult sex parties. Although the focal point of the night is on sensuality, the venue plays a vital role in the overall pleasure of the experience.


In order to help create the most exceptional experience for you, our DMs will always be within earshot to advise. Club 8X6 also has a dedicated, on site health clinic with qualified RNs that are present at most events ensuring health and wellness facilities and services are accessible to all of our members and guests. Recently launched, Club 8X6 is still a young establishment. Despite it’s youth, the club has made serious waves on the fetish scene. Landing a coveted Private Club license sets this club apart from the rest. 8X6 is under leadership that has taken Vancouver nightlife to a much broader stage, featuring some impressive groups, societies and workshops hosted by some long standing big hitters and several new comers to the scene.

8X6 is a Private Club but anyone 19+ can join. Your first admission is included in your membership fee.


PCAN -Naked Pride Party

Sunday, July 31 8pm - 3am
$25 entry ($20 members)

Pacific -Canadian Association of Nudists

PCAN is a nudist organization for gay and bisexual men located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. PCAN is for men of all (legal) ages and body types to socialize in the nude.

$10 members, $15 guests
(19+) (men) (sex+) (licensed)


Men's Room
with Vancouver JAX

2nd and 4th Tuesday (starting JUNE)

New Summer Hours

7 - 10PM

Vancouver JAX 2.0

Followed by MEN'S ROOM 10 - 12AM

8X6 has put allot of effort into creating a dedicated weeknight space for gay and bisexual men to connect in a safe, alternative environment.
We have been holding Vancouver Jax 2.0 followed by The Men's Room on Thursdays 7:00 pm - 12:00 am for the last four months.

After the results of this trial, management changes and in an effort to find the best weeknight for this category, a collective effort by the 8X6 team concluded that
Vancouver Jax 2.0 and The Men's Room event will now be held permanently on the
SECOND and FOURTH TUESDAY of each month beginning June 14 2016.

Keep your eye on this space for what's in store on the other two Tuesdays. They will play host to workshops, events and parties dedicated entirely to men from all persuasions and orientations.

Host brands expected to show up and mix things up include HIM, The Undetectables, Anonymous, No Label, Porn Cinema & Blackout, Glory Hole Haven and Circle Jerk to name a few.

HIM (Health Initiative for Men) ran a series of 5 Kink workshops on Tuesdays in Feb/March this year with large turnouts. We will be offering the first and third Tuesdays to HIM and other groups for workshop and educational purposes.


Reinvent your Tuesday nights!
Every second and fourth Tuesday beginning June 14th 2016
Vancouver Jax 2.0 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
followed by
The Men's Room 10:00 pm 12:00 am
Admission $10
$5 concessions, members and students
Coat check $2
(19+) (men) (sex+) (sop) (no dress code) (nudity permitted) (licensed) (free condoms and lube)

Vancouver Jax will also be held at the usual time of
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm every third Sunday on an ongoing basis.
Students $5 otherwise $10
Free Albolene Lube, H20 and coat check.
There will be no alcohol served at the Sunday event.

Vancouver Jax has a strict code of conduct. The primary focus is on self pleasure and sharing the experience with like minded men of all ages. (19+)

10 - 12AM

Men's Room

Guests attending The Men's Room may want arrive earlier to experience Vancouver Jax 2.0. Please feel free to explore this however, we must respect the code of conduct
between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM.
After 10:00 PM by consent.

The Men's Room

10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

(19+) (men) (sex+) (consent+) (licensed) (no dress code) (nudity ok)

PLUR ~ The Mad Hatter's Ball - 2 year Anniversary!
June 25

Welcome to PLUR|Productions PLUR ~ The Mad Hatter's Ball - 2 year Anniversary!
June 25

Two years ago today PLUR was born in Vancouver as a new production event company to help aid a new, inspiring notion of the sex positive revolution that is growing fast. We are focused to building a new community within Vancouver and hope to grow beyond in the years to come.

PLUR’s vision is to co-create and collectively build a sex positive, fetish, LGBTQ and burner community that everyone will enjoy to be a part of with no judgement, discrimination and above all…. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect!

We welcome you and all to come and enjoy with us this memorable day to meet our community in a sex positive and sex on premises way that PLUR is know best!

PLUR|Productions was inspired for its first event as a launch party called “The Mad Hatter Play Party”. Originally produced in Calgary by Kirk Handy as a Fetish sex positive play event.

Dj's and visuals:

Dj Mattilda Ho - Opener

Dj Stamina - Headliner


Amy Lane

Connita Star

Ann Narky

Spread this event to your friends, we're all Mad here!
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Vancouver JAX

Sunday, June 19, 2016
2pm - 5pm

Also: every 2nd and 4th Tuesday night (starting JUNE) from 7PM to 10PM

Under 25 pay $5 otherwise $10
(18+) (men) (sex+) (code conduct) (consent) (complimentary H20, Albolene lube, hand towel)

Since 2013, Vancouver Jax has been held on the third Sunday of each month and will continue this tradition on an ongoing basis.

Every third Sunday
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
$5 students otherwise $10
Free Albolene Lube, H20 and coat check

Being that there is no alcohol served at the Sunday Jax events, men 18+ are permitted with Government issued photo ID. Where there is alcohol being served the minimum age is 19. Preview the event details before attending to avoid disappointment.

Vancouver Jax has a strict code of conduct at their events. The primary focus is on SELF pleasure and sharing the experience in the company of like minded men;
Gay, Bisexual, and Curious alike.

(18+) (men) (no dress code) (no sop) (self pleasure) (nudity ok)

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SOP Lifestyle Productions
July 16, 7pm - late


Welcome to SOP Lifestyle Productions, home of Whistler Lifestyle Takeover, Lifestyle Vacations, Vancouver Lifestyle Events and other fun lifestyle events in Vancouver and around the world! Fun, unique & sensual getaways and vacations for the open-minded & adventurous Indulge ALL Your Senses

Naked Yoga

Every Monday from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
No Sessions in July or August

Classes are $15 each. Save money and buy $120 worth for $100. Bring water, a yoga mat, towel and anything else that helps your practice.


Contact Us

Located near the corner of Denman and Haro.

1775 Haro St.Vancouver,BC